‘Switch Off’ The Secret Killer with this Epigenetic Superfood


A new study from the University of California-Berkeley shows that lunasin, the world’s first epigenetic superfood can help block the body’s inflammatory responses and as a result decrease the likelihood of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

What is Inflammation?

While we always think of inflammation as temporary swelling that occurs after an injury – relieved by ice pack and some rest. Chronic inflammation is different, it’s a prolonged, silent process that can do damage to your body increasing the risk of malignancies, a critical factor in tumor progression.

The Silent Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation starts deep inside the cells. When you’re injured or sick your body releases an army of white blood cells to fight the infection – a totally healthy and normal response. But if this reaction occurs for no reason, like when there’s no infection to fight, the white blood cells may harm a perfectly healthy organ and even destroy other cells, leaving the door wide open to disease.

Research indicates that the effects of this chronic, low-grade, invisible inflammation can lurk like a silent enemy with a hidden burning ember, that persistently steals life forces from the body. And with more and more research pointing to this condition that can lead to some very serious diseases – from gingivitis to arthritis to cancer – it’s important to stay healthy and minimize your risk.

Lunasin and Inflammation

Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NF-κB)  is a gene that mediates major inflammatory processes inside each and every cell in your body.

Incorrect regulation of NF-κB has been linked to cancer, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases, septic shock, viral infection, and improper immune development. NF-κB has also been implicated in processes of synaptic plasticity and memory.

Blocking NF-κB can cause tumor cells to stop proliferating, to die, or to become more sensitive to the action of anti-tumor agents. Thus, NF-κB is the subject of much active research among pharmaceutical companies as a target for anti-cancer therapy.

Lunasin’s anti-inflammatory activity showed that it blocks and reduces the activation of an important marker called  NF-κB, a link in the chain of biochemical events that cause inflammation.


More Benefits of Lunasin

The following list includes some of the many benefits of Lunasin while on going in-depth research continues to uncover more.

Bio-active peptide with an epigenetic mode of action 
– Natural component of soy
– GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA
– Ideal chemo-preventative agent to fight cancer
– Extends cell longevity (anti-aging)
– Anti-oxidant effect: especially protects DNA from oxidation as well lipids
– Anti-inflammatory effect
– Effective dose is minimal
– Non-invasive treatment

Bioavailability & Chaperone Molecule Technology.

LunaRich’s proprietary manufacturing process retains a more uniform and integrated “shell” of protease inhibitors, protective chaperone molecules that protect the lunasin’s structure after consumption.

LunaRich has demonstrated its bioavailability after resisting gastrointestinal and serum degradation, reaching blood and target organs in an intact and active form.

The lunasin molecule retains its integrity as breakdown of the chaperone molecules continues into the small intestine, where it is absorbed for maximum benefit.

It is noteworthy that lunasin is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, reaching the brain at 3 hrs after ingestion and approximately 30% of the total oral dose of lunasin is absorbed.


The Fix.

To “cool off” the body’s pro inflammatory responses, practitioners are now looking beyond the medicine cabinet to the kitchen. There is now considerable evidence that nutritional epigenetics and targeted nutrition can provide cellular protection and  switch off chronic inflammation to help reduce the risk of premature aging, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. Protective effects of lunasin have been firmly established, providing a solution to help you achieve Super You status.

Lunasin has been patented in the USA as Lunarich and the capsules are called Lunarich X – was named a winner in the People’s Choice Stevie Award for favorite new consumer product in the 11th Annual American Business Awards.


Where to get LunaRich X

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