Watch “Blue Light Blocking Glasses – How They Help You Sleep”

Sleep is probably the most important thing for our health because this is the best time where our body can fully recover. The immune system strengthens, our muscles grow and we overcome sickness. 

However, many people struggle with sleep. But whose fault is it?  What are the causes of bad sleep? Poor sleep is usually down to a few of the following:
✔exposure to blue light at night

✔ poor sleeping cycles and habits

✔ eating or drinking alcohol at bedtime

✔ not enough sun exposure

If you do these habits often, then it is probably your own fault that you have trouble.
Here’s one thing. When you read your Facebook news feed before you go to bed, the reflection of blue light from your phone on your face interfere with your body’s natural circadian rhythm. 
Our eyes are not supposed to be seeing this powerful, bright light beaming on us before we go to sleep, and therefore, it stops the natural release of the hormone melatonin – essential for falling asleep.
You’ve probably seen Dave Asprey wearing  orange glasses. Yes, it’s a melatonin hack! Blue light blocking glasses helps the body release melatonin and will assist you to sleep better.

Learn more about Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Click HERE.

Sleep Better: Fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper, reduce eyestrain, wake up feeling refreshed.

Learn more about Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Click HERE.

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