Do-it-Yourself Glowing Skin Argan and Sugar Scrub


Treat your skin to this quick and easy spa-inspired body scrub. It feels good and will leave your skin buffed, exfoliated and glowing.

2 teaspoons Pure Argan Oil
1 teaspoon fine granulated sugar
3 drops Lavender Essential Oil

1. Mix ingredients and apply to skin in a gentle, circular buffing motion.
2. Rinse with warm water to dissolve sugar granules and rinse away dead skin particles, leaving behind a light sheen of nourishing argan oil.

Relaxing, Exfoliating, Healing, Skin Firming

Organic Argan Oil
Pure Lavender Essential Oil


Pure Argan Oil contains high levels of skin-rejuvenating essential fatty acids and is ideal for naturally brightening your skin and hair.

TheOptionsPh your trusted source of custom-blended naturals and wellness essentials.

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