Teeth, Gums, and Jawbones are a Living Breeding Site of Human Stem Cells

Our skeletal system is biological wonder.

Teeth and bones are made of hydroxyapatite, which we are only just appreciating the amazing properties which it has.

Its nanostructured calcium apatite plays an important role in the construction of calcified tissues. The nanostructured material has the ability to attach biological molecules such as proteins, which can be used as functional materials which can regenerate.

The engine within you that creates such amazing features originates from your bone marrow. Within the marrow is the body’s largest source of stem cells.

And your bones and teeth require lots of renegeration material.

In fact your teeth, gums, and jawbones are a living, breeding site of human stem cells. That’s the ability to self-renew. Does that mean you can just grow teeth back? Not yet.

It’s a testament to the fact that bone and teeth formation is very similar to immune system formation.

In the year 2000, adult human dental stem cells were first identified in the dental pulp. Teeth contain these so that they can self-renew.⠀

Teeth can self-renew.

Stem cells are immature cells that have the potential to develop into many different cell lineages via differentiation. These cells can renew themselves indefinitely through “self-renewal”. A fluid equilibrium, and constant flux.⠀

The question is whether they ‘self renew’ or not. That relies on receiving the right ‘resources’ from the body.⠀

Bone cells, act much like immune cells. They listen and adapt to the environment, and use resources to do so. When the immune system is depleted of resources, it cannot fight infections.

The issue is for bones and teeth, the body is much slower at managing the resources to create hard tissues.

Inside the pulp of each tooth is a soup of dental tissues, these are the cells known to repair dentin, if decay breaches the tooth enamel.⠀

Similarly, stem cells can regenerate bone loss around the teeth.⠀

The mouth is a living, breathing, immune system that can repair itself if given the right resources.

What is it listening to? Stored sunlight, in the form of vitamin D.

Have you seen teeth issues arise with other health issues?

ℹ Dr. Steven Lin

X39 is clinically tested to activate STEM CELLS

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