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So, what are Stem Cells anyway?

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Teeth, Gums, and Jawbones are a Living Breeding Site of Human Stem Cells

Our skeletal system is biological wonder. Teeth and bones are made of hydroxyapatite, which we are only just appreciating the amazing properties which it has. Its nanostructured calcium apatite plays an important role in the construction of calcified tissues. The nanostructured material has the ability to attach biological molecules such as proteins, which can be…

Sunflowers and the New Secret Weapon for Wellness

SUNFLOWERS one of the most amazing flowers God created. Recent studies suggest that sunflowers share a common mechanism with human beings, the sleep-wake cycle or the circadian rhythms. A little bit geeky would be heliotropism. What is he·li·ot·ro·pism? /ˌhēlēəˈtrōpizəm/ noun BOTANY The directional growth of a plant in response to sunlight. ZOOLOGY The tendency of an animal…