Butterflies in Your Stomach: How Stress and Love Affects Digestive Health

Learn why nature intended oxytocin to be a care-taker of human health and how critical this hormone is in both genders throughout life. 
How gut health affects heart health and brain health.

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Dr. Joel Kahn told us about the specific probiotic strain that has clinically helped people with congestive heart failure and why it helps.
Razi Berry showed us how adrenaline from stress can literally slow down digestion and make the gut wall rigid.
D. Lindsey Berkson said that Oxytocin can help us heal the inflammation where new gut cells are born. Amazing!
And Trudy Scott helped us understand that 80-90% of serotonin is made in the gut, so if your gut health isn’t good, you will feel more anxious.

How the Love Hormone is Critical for Gut Health

What Men Secretly Want

Oyxtocin is not just a love hormone. It is also a helpful gut hormone. Dr. Berkson will clearly and easily explain the role of oxytocin in gut motility, sensation, tone of the muscular and nervous system layers, and even in the application for various gut issues from leaky gut to inflammatory bowel disease. 
Historically oxytocin was regarded as a pregnancy and lactation hormone but you will now learn how it is even amazingly much more.
In this talk you’ll discover:
The Enteric Nervous System: How your stomach is you second brain

Gut feelings: How and why to listen to them for better health

Intuitive Eating: Learn to listen to your body to quench unhealthy cravings

Love is Medicine: The source of all healing

Click here to watch them now 

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