How Does GHK Copper Peptide Affect Aging?

GHK-Cu is also known to act as a potent protector of tissue and anti-inflammatory agent.

Usually, the common things people would run to so they continue having glowy and healthy skin would be moisturizers or even sign themselves for a face spa service.

But, did you know that there’s a peptide that could help nourish our skin? Yes, I’m talking about the GHK-Cu peptide.

What do GHK copper peptides do?

GHK copper peptides work as an antioxidant, promote collagen and elastin production, and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” Copper is also an anti-inflammatory that speeds up wound healing, meaning it’s great for treating scarring, pigmentation, and redness caused by inflammation.

Clinical Evidence has even shown that GHK-Cu also acts as a feedback signal for tissue injury. Also, GHK-Cu is also known to act as a potent protector of tissue and anti-inflammatory agent, which reduces oxidative damage in tissues.

Overall, GHK-Cu has been discovered to be involved in signaling tissue remodeling. This is through removing damaged/scarred tissue and generating healthy tissue. 

Studies have shown that GHK concentration decreases with age because of its concentration in the body, which might cause tissue destruction, inflammation, or cancer. 

GHK Copper Peptide concentration decreases with age.

So where to get GHK Copper Peptide?

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Where to get X39?

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