Ballerina Calls X39 a Miracle Patch

ℹ Ariana Dewing Ballet Dancer

“I’ve been using X39 Stem Cell patches for 3 months now & not only am I fully back to dancing and teaching many hours a day without pain, (thank you God!!) but I’m healing from something I was told I could never heal from without extreme surgery. This miracle patch is called X39 and it heals your body- no matter the age-through repair of your own stemcells .

After one week of using X39 I was able to start walking painfree .
After one month of X39 I was rehearsing 5 hours a day & performing again!

Not only am I getting incredible results from my alarming diagnosis last year of osteoarthritis, lack of cartilage, torn ligaments & dislocation, but many people I know who have tried it are getting incredible results. My husband had been able to sleep better, & my grandfather was told he needs knee surgery and after just a few weeks on X39, he is pain free and even experiencing more flexibility!

The Magic of X39: Healing Ballet Injuries and Getting Back on Stage

When im passionate about something I need to know everything about it so don’t mind me as I go on and on but I also LOVE how affordable they are compared to all other stem cell therapies. Lastly there is no health risk with this form of stem cells, unlike the injections that come with a 30% chance your body will reject the stem cells.”

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Did you know that Olympic Athletes 🏅 are allowed to use LifeWave’s Phototherapy Patches?


Because these wireless phototherapy patches are cleared by both the US 🇺🇸 and World Anti-doping agencies.

Gymnastics Champion
Ashley Kupets

Visit LIFEWAVE’S Sports News and see more Olympic Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts.

LifeWave is an international distributorship company in more than 100 countries that offers a full line of unique non-transdermal phototherapy patch products. LifeWave patches contain no supplements or stimulants, and affects acupuncture points without the need for needles.

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What is Carnosine?

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