What is SP6 Complete?


What to do when delicious PR food boxes are on hand and cravings 😋 start to run amok?

Since I started using this small SP6 Complete patch, I don’t know but I feel like it has cut my appetite in half and obviously outsmarted my cravings .. YEY I’m so happy! Food tastes delicious, I appreciate the flavors, have another bite — then I’m satisfied. 👌

BUT HOW? 🤓 I just followed the 5 days a week patching protocol, wearing a new patch each day for 12 hours, and in two weeks I noticed how it has trimmed my waistline first. Now, this is making sense to me, nothing to swallow, no jittery feelings, no pressure to prepare something — just stick-and-go 🏃🏼‍♀️ easiest and safest appetite curbing technology so far.

Now, who’s next? 🤔 Do your personal research, check or ask @the_options_ph for science and comeback to me if you want to stock up. I’m adding a surprise set of my favorite phototherapy patches for you to try. Get it here @aliyahjem (Instagram)

ℹ No medical claims here, just real result.

Today, science is revealing the processes responsible for why the body ages and why we don’t have to.

Find out more about SP6 Complete at: LifeWave X39 Website

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Where to buy Phototherapy Patches? Check here at LifeWave X39 Website

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